Kydex Store Surface Solution

James Latham’s latest surface solution, KYDEX® sheet, offers the shopfitting sector the freedom to create on-trend, three dimensional surfaces and fixtures that as well as enhancing the styling theme of any retail environment are also exceptionally durable, providing superior resistance to impact, puncture, chemicals and cleaning agents.

KYDEX® sheet is a high performance thermoplastic material that is supplied in a wide range of colours, textures and patterns and offers designers the ability to create an almost unlimited variety of flat and three-dimensional effects which can be achieved through techniques including; thermoforming, membrane pressing, post forming, brake forming, laminating and machining. This allows different parts to be produced using the most efficient technique yet still match in appearance.

KYDEX® sheet can be formed to compound corners and contoured edges, minimising the need for moulding and edge banding and enabling large area installations to have the appearance of one seamless, single application.  Even brand logos and messages can be embossed into the material.
Offering unrivalled, long term performance, KYDEX® will not chip, crack, break, or snap, making it the perfect surface solution for demanding, high traffic or high impact applications.

The KYDEX® thermoplastics range is distributed on a national basis by James Latham’s wholly owned specialist panel company, Advanced Technical Panels (ATP) which already offers a number of other surface products for this sector.

Andrew Wright, Director of James Latham commented, “We are all very excited by KYDEX® and already it is having a big impact with our customers, not only within the retail sector but also the education, hospital and exhibition sectors.

“The potential applications are just so vast. Most of us will have already come into contact with KYDEX® sheet without even realising it.  It is used extensively in the aviation industry, on aircraft for seat mouldings, food trays and drop down tables as well as for seating in high traffic areas such as departure lounges.”

KYDEX® sheet is available in over 3,500 colours, including granite, metallic and wood grain patterns as well as multiple surface textures and thicknesses from 0.71mm to 12mm. And if none of these choices meet your needs, then a unique, custom colour can be manufactured just for you. 

For more information on KYDEX® thermoplastics or to obtain samples or arrange a visit from one of our technical specialists call 0113 387 0850 or email [email protected]

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