Our History

ATP History

Advanced Technical Panels / ATP is the largest specialist distributor of overlaid and prefinished birch plywood in the UK and stocks an unrivalled range of boards that are suitable for use in many demanding applications. It is proud to be part of the James Latham Group and is based at the Latham flagship depot in Tingley, Leeds.

ATP was set up by Roger Latham in the mid 1980’s, primarily to supply quality slip-resistant birch plywood to the burgeoning commercial vehicle building sector. It has grown significantly in the proceeding years and now also supplies a wide range of polymer-based materials (Kydex) to other important industries, including aviation, construction, healthcare and education. Buffalo®Board is ATP’s trademarked, slip-resistant phenolic film-faced birch plywood that is now considered as the leading brand in this material. Even though ATP has been established for over thirty years it still continues to source and supply innovative materials to all areas of the UK, Ireland and further afield..

ATP works closely with its customers to offer the best solutions for their particular requirements and all ATP staff are extremely knowledgeable with many years of technical experience. We look forward to discussing your requirements on 0113 387 0850 or email us at [email protected]

James Latham History

Since the first James Latham began importing hardwoods into Liverpool in 1757, the company has, under the continuing management and direction of the Latham family, developed into a leading importer and distributor of wood-based sheet materials ("panel products"), joinery quality softwood and hardwood and hardwood flooring. 

The company has a Nationwide, strategically placed distribution base, fully able to bring our ever expanding range of products and services to existing and potential customers.

Our Stock

Lathams Ltd is the trading subsidiary of James Latham PLC.  With 11 trading offices operating from 10 sites located in Dudley, Fareham, Gateshead, Hemel Hempstead, Leeds, Purfleet, Scotland, Thurrock, Leicester & Yate, we are able to offer a wide range of products for collection or delivery to our customers.

Our stock of panel products constitutes probably the most comprehensive range of species, sizes and non-standard thicknesses available in the UK today. We regularly launch new products, including LG HI-MACS Natural Acrylic Stone, details of which you can find on this website, along with our up to date range of Latham product literature, which is available to download.

We continue to hold comprehensive stock of the main temperate and tropical hardwoods from around the world. These include European, North American, African and Far Eastern species. We also source high quality joinery softwood from North America and Scandinavia.

Our depots have the ability to offer further processed panel products plus timber cladding and mouldings.

James Latham

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